Hello,  My name is Donna Jean Stallings.  I have been a teacher with Glencoe Public Schools since the fall of 1984.  It has been an amazing adventure watching so many students come through my door and step out into the big world outside of Glencoe, America!  It's strange to be teaching right beside my former students (one even being my own daughter).  I also love seeing each new class that comes through and seeing how much the kids act like their parents did so many years ago.  My, how time really does fly by!!!

    Okay, a little about me:  I have been married to the same man, Scott, for 42 years.  We have four children: Monty, Josh, Tabitha, and Brady, three daughters-in-law: Rachel, Rebekah, and Mandy, and one son-in-law, Bryan.  We also have nine amazing grandchildren, Jericho, Jairus, Autumn, Aurora, Axlynn, Ethan, Miriam, Luke, and Levi  It is true that life is so much more wonderful when grandchildren are part of the picture. 

    I graduated from Boise City High School, and Panhandle State University.  I taught 1st and 2nd grades combined in a small school near Boise City for four years. 

    Then we moved near Stillwater. I was hired to teach 6th grade here in Glencoe (which I taught for my first 10 years here). I fell in love with this school and the wonderful community and I haven't left.

    I have worn many hats in our school.  I have coached cheerleading (both J.H and H.S) for over 20 years. I am the National Honor Society Advisor as well as the National Junior Honor Society Advisor.  I have also been the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Huddle Coach for the past 16 years. 

    One of my favorite things to teach is my unit on the Holocaust.  I also take students on summer educational tours every year.  We have been doing that for the past ten years and we have taken over 132 students to the Eastern Seaboard as well as the California Panorama Tour and Puerto Rico.  This past spring I took a group of parents and students to Europe.  This coming summer we are heading back to Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.  I already have people signing up for next year's trip.  

    Besides teaching and traveling, I have taken on the hobby of running marathons - you would realize how crazy that sounds if you really knew me.  I NEVER ran before I was 49 years old.  It's a long story, but I ran my first marathon in memory of my students who had passed away. The next year I ran with Tommy Edwards's mother (Tommy was one of my students who had passed away.) I plan on running the relay at the marathon this spring.  Seeing my loved ones and students at the finish line makes all the months of training  worthwhile!

    My Mission Statement

    As I travel life's journey I will strive to be the friendly face, the warm embrace, and the encouraging force to help others reach deep into themselves to bring out the beautiful person who exists inside all of us.  I will continue to be a student as well as a teacher.  Through patience and perseverance I will share the knowledge I've gained and shared, and I will look forward to the day when I will hear God's voice saying, "Well done, my good and faithful servant!" 


  • 8th Grade Activities - Career Fair - Christmas Ball



      2016-2017 School Year

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    8th Grade Class Officers

    President -  

    Vice President - 

    Secretary/Treasurer - 

    Reporters - 

    Student Council Reps - 






  •      Fall is in the air! 

    Completed this year:

    Fall Baseball & Softball - 

    School Carnival -

    First Nine Weeks Tests -

    Fall Break -

    Now............Looking forward to...........

    - Explore Tests

    - Studying the Revolutionary War

    - Writing Essays & practicing writing prompts

    - Basketball Season

    - Career Fair

    - Homecoming

    - Thanksgiving Break with family

    - Christmas Ball

    8th Grade is an exciting and busy life!!!!


  • Time keeps on marching, marching, marching, into the future... and we are trying to learn all about how we got here and where we're heading....


    Some of the things we have been learning about recently are:

    • The Alamo
    • Manifest Destiny
    • Slavery
    • Westward Expansion
    • California Gold Rush
    • Oregon Trail
    • Santa Fe Trail
    • Underground Railroad
    • Recognizing historically important people and places and learning their significance in our world both in the past and today.
    • Writing various types of essays.
    • Practicing Grammar and Spelling lessons.
    • Exploring differnt types of literature.

    Learning, Learning, Learning...

    Everyday is filled with a lot of activities to enhance our learning experiences.  The students have also found time to enjoy playing basketball.  The JH girls went undefeated.  The boys also had a great season.