Welcome!  Pre-Kindergarten is a very special time because this

                will be your child’s first school experience. It will be full of fun activities 

                 that will help your child be prepared for Kindergarten.

                       I would like to take the time to introduce myself. My name is Melissa 

                Remington.  I graduated from Oilton High school and continued my

                education at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, where I received a

                bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood


                        I live in the country between Oilton and Yale with my husband

                Shannon and my 3 children: Emily, Jakob and Holly. Some of my

                favorite things are: teaching, coaching, and spending time

                with my family. I like watching movies, Dr. Seuss, frogs, rubber ducks,

                OSU, gummy worms or bears and anything that’s chocolate!