• FCA Information


      A student led organization. Students do not have to be athletes to be members. We include all students who are interested in grades 7 through 12. We meet two days a week,Tuesdays and Fridays, at noon. We have Bible Study, Group Discussions, Praise and Worship. Some of our favorite activities that we do each year are: Lock-in (with movies, fear factor, and all night games), Snowtubing in Bricktown, Gamedays at OSU, and volunteering for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. In years past we have also gone to the Christian Weekend at Six Flags during Easter Break. We have an amazing group of students who are always willing to do helpful things for others. Each year we have students who are rising stars in the state FCA. Last year our Huddle Leader, Mrs. Stallings, was named an FCA All-State Coach. She was honored in Oklahoma City and received a large plaque from the Oklahoma FCA - this speaks very highly of our group. She felt the honor was earned by all the members of FCA since the students are the ones who really make it work!