Boys Basketball 

    2019 - 2020

    3 Ziggy Gomez  10 Jaken Weedn  11 Jordon Beaver  12 Houston Patten

    14 Ryan Cook  20 Enzi Stugard  21 Jake Remington  23 Jace Low Dog

    24 James Starr  25 Bryce Coe  32 Jace Patten  33 Cale Swaim  

    34 Tre' Speer

    Trainer: Joanna Crow   Video: Chance Stokes 

    Managers: Jaxton Weedn, Cooper Stokes, Jaren Weedn

    Scorekeeper: Jennie Weedn   Assistant Coach: Chad Tsotigh

    Head Coach: Jeff Weedn


    Pond Creek-Hunter 

    Tournament CHAMPIONS!


    pond creek champions

      Glencoe Invitational 

    Tournament Champions!


     2020 Glencoe Invitational Tournament Champions

    District Champions!


    District Champions 2020

    Regional Consolation Champions!


    2020 regional champions


    coaches vs cancer

    We held the 11th Annual Glencoe "Coaches vs Cancer" fundraiser during the Glencoe Tournament January 23-25. We raised $7,193.47! We would like to thank everyone who supported our fundraiser. 


    Proud Tradition!

    2000 Class A State Runner-up 

    2006 Class B State Champion

    2007 Class B State Runner-up

    2010 Class B State Quarterfinalist

    2012 Class A State Quarterfinalist

    2013 Class A State Champion

    2014 Class A State Champion

    2015 Class A State Champion

    2018 Class A State Quarterfinalist

    2019 Class A State Semifinalist

    Oklahoma Coaches Association All-State Members

    1998 Ty McGinty

    2006 Bubba Kurth

    2012 John Lazenby III

    2013 Kagen Castlebury 

    2014 Jake Lazenby

    2015 J.K. Hadlock

    2015 Ty Lazenby 

    2019 Cale Lazenby 

    Oklahoma Faith 7 All-Star Members

    Ty Lazenby

    National Junior College All-Americans 

    Ty Lazenby

    NCAA Division I Players

    Ty Lazenby - Oklahoma University

                       - Oral Roberts University

    J.K. Hadlock - Oklahoma State University