Thank you for visiting my webpage. I am excited to be entering my eleventh year at Glencoe. This year I will be teaching Oklahoma History, United States History, Government, World History, Political Science,and Geography. I am proud to be coaching our boys Junior High basketball team while assisting Coach Lazenby with the High School basketball team. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to call me at school (669-2261)




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  • 1st hour- Junior High Athletics

    2nd hour- Oklahoma History/Government

    3rd hour- Plan

    4th hour- Political Science

    5th hour- United States History

    6th hour- World Geography/World History

    7th hour- High School Athletics



    October 25-Meet the Panthers

    November 19-23-Thanksgiving Break

    December 18-Christmas Play

    December 20-End of Semester

    December 24-January 4-Christmas Break