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     I have taught at Glencoe High for 24 years. I graduated from OSU in 1983 and received my teaching credentials from the University of Oklahoma in 1988. I've been married 27 years and my wife, Lynda, is the Library Director at Stillwater Public Library.  I have 2 daughters: Megan and her husband Mike live in Durham, North Carolina, and she is working as a 4th grade teacher and Mike is an assistant county ranger. Alicia is a Senior at the University of Oklahoma and will be graduating with a degree in Psychology in December.

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    1st Period - Yearbook We are currently working on our 2nd deadline. Basketball seasons will be coming to an end in a week, so we are working on those pages.


    2nd Period - English II We are currently writing creatively in class. Short stories and poetry are the genres.


    3rd  Period - Planning Period


    4th Period - Newspaper We are working on our 4th issue which will come out February 25th.


    6th Period - AP English IV We had a test this week regarding literary movements. We will begin John Milton's "Paradise Lost".

    5th Period - AP English III The students are completing their "Me" Research projects this week. Also, they are working on their rough draft CREC Contest Essays. The rough drafts are due this Friday (Feb. 26). In addition, the students are reading an independent novel "The Great Gatsby".

     7th Period - Athletics Off-season softball continues. First game is on March 10th.


  • Mr. Reynolds' Email - creynolds@glencoe.k12.ok.us