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  •        I'm looking forward to another year serving the children of Glencoe and will begin classes the end of August.  Stay tuned for some helpful information and links.  I will also be posting phonics/reading app suggestions and book lists targeted for different ages and reading levels. 



    Reading Eggs

    There are many apps available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Play from the makers of the computer program we use called "Reading Eggs".  

    Eggy 100 is Free ( Reading Eggs Sight Word Icon). Most others are $1.99 each. 

     Eggy 100 & 250 Sight Words     Eggy Alphabet     Eggy Nursery Rhymes    Eggy Phonics 1   Eggy Vocab   R. Eggs Spelling 1  

    A good article from smartappsforkids.com has reviews on many alphabet and phonics apps.