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    Welcome to the High School Library Media Center and Computer Lab!


    The library is open from 7:50 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. on Monday - Thursday.  If Ms. Clark is not available please feel free to browse the shelves until someone can help you check out a book.   If assistance is needed, please do not hesitate to ask Ms. Clark. Some new Sequoyah books are in the Libray. They are Graceling,Suite Scarlet,Ick,Ansty does time. We invite you to come check out one of these books and tell us what you think. 

    The computer lab is available to students before school and after school.  In between class periods, it is also open for students.  During lunch, students must have permission to use lab only for schoolwork unless you have permission from your teacher or Ms. Clark to play games. Teachers or students must sign up for lab use prior to time needed.  This is to allow everyone the use of lab and no confusion for teachers.

    Before and after school, the computer lab is specifically only for students working on school given assignments and for students taking Click and Learn quizzes or tests.  Any student found playing games or not doing assignments will be asked to leave and may lose computer privileges.  

    The computer lab has a new internet filtering program.  This program is called SonicWall.  SonicWall blocks students from improper websites such as www.facebook.com, www.myspace.com and www.youtube.com www.doppler.com.  It also blocks students from being able to download improper programs or installations onto school computers.  SonicWall blocks specific words from being search as well as many different images from uploading. 

    If there are any questions regarding the library or computer lab please ask Ms. Clark or her aide at anytime you have a problem.If you have an suggestions to what books we should get for the libray tell Ms. Clark and when its time to get some more books she'll have a list of new books to choose from.





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    "Box tops for Education"

    We are collecting "Box tops for Education" to earn money for our school libraries. You can vist www.btfe.com/products for a complete list of participating Box Tops products. turn these into the students teacher or Mrs. Stout or Mrs. Ripley at the school libraries.

    Campbell's labels for education

    we are also partcipating again this year in the campbell labels for education. We had 8,327 points in in our labels for education account. We have purchased some Physical Education Equipment with 4,150 of our points. The Students well have lots of fun in P.E. Classes.

    Thank You so much for your support with both these programs. Mrs.Stout