•      Fall is in the air! 

    Fall Baseball & Softball - 

    School Carnival -

    First Nine Weeks Tests -

    Fall Break -



    - Studying the Revolutionary War

    - Writing Essays & practicing writing prompts

    - Basketball Season

    - Career Fair

    - Homecoming

    - Thanksgiving Break with family

    - Christmas Ball

    8th Grade is an exciting and busy life!!!!


  • Time keeps on marching, marching, marching, into the future... and we are trying to learn all about how we got here and where we're heading....


    Some of the things we have been learning about recently are:

    • The Alamo
    • Manifest Destiny
    • Slavery
    • Westward Expansion
    • California Gold Rush
    • Oregon Trail
    • Santa Fe Trail
    • Underground Railroad
    • Recognizing historically important people and places and learning their significance in our world both in the past and today.
    • Writing various types of essays.
    • Practicing Grammar and Spelling lessons.
    • Exploring differnt types of literature.

    Learning, Learning, Learning...

    Everyday is filled with a lot of activities to enhance our learning experiences.  The students have also found time to enjoy playing basketball.  The JH girls went undefeated.  The boys also had a great season.