• We are looking foward to another great year! The Glencoe FFA Chapter has many plans for upcoming events, including the annual Ice Cream Social, 8th Grade Leadership Conference, and much, much more!

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    • 2018-2019 Officer Team




    2018-2019 Glencoe FFA Tentative Schedule of Events





    8/15 State Fair Entries Due

    8/27-9/1 Payne County Free Fair (Petting Zoo on 9/1 in PM)

    9/1 Tulsa State Fair Entries 

    9/4 COLT Conference

    9/5 MFE/ALD Registration Opens 

    9/10 National Convention Registration 

    9/12 State Fair Entries 

    9/13-9/22 State Fair 

    9/24 FFA Opening Ceremonies/ Quiz and Creed Contest in Ripley 

    9/27-10/7 Tulsa State Fair

    10/15 Sporting Clays

    10/16 Quiz Contest In Ripley

    10/16 Ceremonies Contest

    10/24-10/27 National Convention

    10/30 State Quiz and Opening Ceremonies

    10/30 Nom Kits Due

    11/14 State Sporting Clays

    11/15 AFR Speech Contest (Tecumseh)

    12/1 Tulsa MFE/ALD and State AFR Speech Contest

    12/2 Tulsa MFE/ALD 

    12/6 Swine Noms Due 

    12/8-12/9 MFE/ALD OKC










    December – State Cattle handling contest Tulsa  date TBA