• 2019

    Fall Blood Drive 

    Save a life!  Donate Blood!

    Let's make a positive difference in someone's life!



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  • National Honor Society

    We are here to serve our community and surrounding areas. 

    Our members are spending a lot of hours doing service projects.  

    One of our upcoming projects is that we will be helping teachers in their classrooms.

    We also have the OKC Memorial Marathon coming in April.  That is always a great couple of days of hard work! 

  • Honor Society 

    Some of last year's activities...

    Raising money for Cassie to have Stem Cell replacement and Helping at the Galleria Furniture Fundraiser - raising money for school supplies...

  • National Honor Society

    Baking Day & Christmas Caroling 


    National Honor Society

     Last year...

    Leap Frog Project:  We helped fill a BIG trailor full of school supplies, food, baby and children's clothes, blankets, and many other items that are helping kids and families in Mexico.  An empty trailer rolled into Minnesota, had some items loaded on it, and leap-frogged to different churches and organizations until it reached us here in Oklahoma.  They came to our school about 2:00 in the afternoon, and we loaded the trailer.    They had to go straight to South Texas because the trailor was filled!!!  Another trailor was sent to pick up other people's donations in Texas.  The items donated are much needed by people who live in extreme poverty.  Here is a picture of the students who helped load the trailer and the man who is delivering the items.

    Don't Text and Drive

    Each year 150,000 thousand deaths are caused by texting and driving.  The Honor Society recently spent a week teaching students about the dangers of texting and driving.  Many of them signed a pledge to put their phones away while driving.

    One of our activities that week was to show how once every 15 minutes a person is taken from loved ones due to texting while behind the wheel.  The activity was called "Gone too Soon."  Every 15 minutes during the day students were randomly taken from their classroom, make-up was applied and they returned to their class.  The students did not talk or interact with anyone for the rest of the day.  That afternoon, when we all assembled, it was shocking to see how many students would be affected in that short period of time. 

    We also watched a testimonial video of both drivers and victims' families telling their stories.  The students were also given information on how to download an app. so a message would automatically be sent to anyone who texts them while they were driving.  The person sending the text would be told that the driver will return the text when they are not behind the wheel.  AT&Tdrivemode.





    Mia's Celebration Party Pictures:  For more information on Mia please go to the FCA webpage.

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    The National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society are made of of students who are selected by teachers for their outstanding academic achievements as well as character and service. Both groups are active in community service. It is our goal to help others who need a helping hand.

    This year we will hope to do another "Angel Walk" to help raise money that will be used to help someone who has a special need. We have done this in the pas with great success.

    We will also get items for our "Angels at Christmas." We will be delivering gifts to people who have need of assistance.

    The members of these societies also volunteer on their own to help people in the community - by doing chores, tutoring, babysitting, or whatever they know will help.